Director Alexa Karolinski in person at both screenings!

An intimate and touching glimpse into the lives of roommates Regina Karolinski (Oma) and Bella Katz, Holocaust survivors and close friends, living in Berlin. Directed by Oma’s granddaughter, the film makes their daily life of cooking, storytelling, and striving to retain a part of their past while remaining very much engaged in the present into a poetic meditation on heritage, memory, and identity, using their love of cooking as a charming leitmotif. 

Screening with:
Isabelle Stead | 2010 | UK/France | 10m
New York Premiere!

Isaac is a happy-go-lucky, mop-topped 5-year-old with Coke bottle glasses and an outsized imagination. When he befriends a little pig that miraculously appears at his doorstep, his Orthodox family objects—inspiring a precocious crisis of faith in the boy and, possibly, a far too early loss of innocence. French with English subtitles.