Discussion with filmmaker Alexandria Bombach; film subject Murad Ismael, Executive Director, Yazda; and Belkis Wille, Sr Researcher, MENA, HRW. Moderated by Liesl Gerntholtz, Executive Director, Women’s Rights, HRW. *Reception open to all ticket holders

Nadia Murad is a 23-year-old lifeline to the Yezidi community. A survivor of the 2014 atrocities against the Yezidi in northern Iraq, Nadia escaped sexual slavery at the hands of the Islamic State (also known as ISIS) and witnessed the murder of those closest to her. With the love of her people propelling her forward, Nadia is determined to turn her pain into international action. She now shoulders immense burdens as a key public figure whose supporters are pushing her further into the spotlight—from testifying at the United Nations Security Council and having endless meetings with government officials, to giving soul-bearing media interviews and emotionally draining speeches. On Her Shoulders tells the story of a multilayered and selfless activist who once dreamed of opening a beauty salon in her village as she becomes an essential voice in the fight to bring ISIS to justice and save her people from extinction.