Korea, 1987. A time of political upheaval, student protests, and bad haircuts. Sung-Jin is a scrappy, hard-boiled veteran police detective who, along with his rookie partner, manages to nab the prime suspect in a recent rash of murders. Hailed as South Korea’s first serial killer case, the arrest is a coup for Sung’s career. However, as officials from the NSP, Korea’s national intelligence service, bring Sung into their fold, he slowly realizes that something’s rotten. Meanwhile his crafty journalist friend tips him off that the mentally challenged collar in the case may indeed just be a patsy to distract from severe government corruption and a potential scandal of epic proportions. Faced with an über-villain in the form of devious intelligence mastermind Kyo-nam, Sung-Jin is forced to single-handedly oppose the ominous powers-that-be against all odds. Director Kim Bong-han deftly weaves a web of intrigue around this gritty police procedural, a fervent outcry against political malevolence in the guise of a nail-biting thriller.

Presented with the support of Korean Cultural Center New York