In a dramatic change of pace from his usual urbane parts, Louis Garrel (a regular presence in Rendez-Vous selections and a talented director in his own right) stars as Maxime, a stoic commander in the French Foreign Legion. Stationed at an outpost in Corsica, Maxime is placed in charge of a dangerous and sensitive mission to Mali. Under his command is Ukrainian soldier Vlad (Aleksandr Kuznetsov), whose fiancée Nika (Ina Marija Bartaité) babysits for Maxime’s wife (Camille Cottin). Deftly juggling the perspectives of officers, the men they command, and the partners of both, Our Men is an impressively assured and unsensational drama about an oft-misunderstood organization, given palpable realism by writer-director Rachel Lang, who draws upon her own background as an officer in the French army reserves.