20th Anniversary Screening! World premiere of a new digital restoration.

Bruno Stagnaro and Adrián Caetano’s milestone debut feature heralded the deeply influential New Argentine Cinema, fostered the careers of a vast generation of international filmmakers, and fueled the Latin American cinema renaissance of the past two decades. Rarely seen in the United States, Pizza, birra, faso is set in the Buenos Aires criminal underworld, and follows two impoverished teens who graduate from petty theft to armed robbery, though they’re incompetent at both. This restoration, by the Action Program to rescue the Argentine cinema, a joint initiative between CINAIN (Cinematheque and National Image Archive of Argentina) and the DAC (Argentine Cinematographic Directors), was carried out in 4K from the original negative in the framework of the Plan Recuperar DAC / Gótika, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, under the supervision of Bruno Stagnaro, Adrián Caetano and cinematographer Marcelo Lavintman.