Filmmaker Nicolas Provost in person for Q&A!

Nicolas Provost’s work studies the similarities between the narrative conventions of movies and the recording of the everyday, and looks for the cinematic everywhere but the cinema. In his , three short videos created over six years, Provost filmed iconic public spaces with a hidden camera, weaving the footage into dramatic arcs using narrative editing devices. Plot Point (2007) dramatizes the NYPD’s movements in Times Square. Stardust (2010) transforms the ugly foyers of Las Vegas into a crime story featuring real Hollywood stars. And Tokyo Giants (2012) follows an actor playing a serial killer through the Japanese metropolis [Images courtesy of Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium].

Screening with:

Pittsburgh 1968/69
Ted Kennedy | USA | 2013-2014 | Digital Projection | 6m

A series of short “docudramas” made from original 16mm camera rolls from a Pittsburgh TV news station.