Narcissi (Shiloh Cinquemani, Germany, 2012, 3m)
Listening to the Space in My Room (Robert Beavers, Germany/USA, 2013, 19m)
Lost and Found (Jim Jennings, USA, 5m)
Susan + Lisbeth (Ute Aurand, Germany, 2013, 10m)
to be here (Ute Aurand, Germany/USA, 2013, 38:06m)

Lost and Found (Jim Jennings, USA, 5m)
“Lost and Found” was filmed around 20 or so years ago on an excursion from Manhattan to Staten Island to Manhattan. Later on I simply arranged the shots and hid it in a box for a long time.
“Lost our Lease” was filmed during working hours going from here to there in and out of a work van playing hooky and the title was given to me.  It was shot and edited around 10 years ago and the title was given to me from the street. —J.J.

to be here (Ute Aurand, Germany/USA, 2013, 38:06m)
Filmed in New England, Upstate New York, New York City and the Southwest of the United States. Some experiences which I didn't film, but represent my mood while filming:

In a tiny Public Library in the middle of Nevada I found myself confronted by 2 teenage sisters dressed in Mennonite dresses – one was blond with beautiful freckles and her adopted sister had dark skin and looked very individual in her camouflage patterned Mennonite dress, and I thought, “New York is far away.” – Then when I visited the Hopis, sitting on a small wall overlooking the wide empty, peaceful Hopi land, I thought,  “America is far away.” Earlier I had visited Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts and felt almost at home, European, If not German.

“I am an American,” answered the young doctor when I asked if he were from India, “everyone here is an American; that's the difference to all other countries”.

“to be here” is the last part of my trilogy with INDIA (2005) filmed in Pune and JUNGE KIEFERN / YOUNG PINES (2011) filmed in Japan.