Moving Together
World Premiere
Maggie M. Bailey2022, USA, 62m
English and Spanish with English subtitles
Moving Together is a joyful dialogue between dancer and musician that brims with kinetic life and energy. This documentary explores the intricate collaboration between dancers and musicians, moving seamlessly between flamenco, modern, and New Orleans second line. The dialogue between featured artists is highlighted in both class and performance spaces, celebrating artmaking, exploration, and the power of community. Artists collaborate with other disciplines consistently, but what pulls them back to specific creators? This feature-length, performative documentary investigates the relationships between Michael Wall, modern dance accompanist and composer, and Jesse Zaritt, dancer and choreographer; Olivia Chacon and Isai Chacon, flamenco dancer and Spanish guitarist, respectively; and New Orleans natives Michelle N. Gibson, cultural ambassador, choreographer, performer, and Thaddeus Ford, sixth-generation trumpet player.

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Reminiscences (Réminiscences)
US Premiere
Virginie Brunelle, 2022, Canada, 11m
This sumptuously filmed short brings three sensual and brutal duets to the screen. Three stories overlap to recount memory and what remains of the nostalgic feelings of a union. The choreographies sublimate the cracks that human experience generates that settle in us like so many emotional vestiges.

Empty Vessel
Madison Elliott and Taylor Yocum, 2021, USA, 2m
A film partly inspired by a Post-It note discovered in a bathroom stall: “I used to think being an artist would mean I would be crazy and alone. Now I worry that I will be both of those things but still not an artist.”

New York Premiere
Maria Salgado Llopis and Aleth Berenice, 2022, Luxembourg, 9m
iuSui is a striking ode to the visceral power of beauty, nature, freedom, and the vulnerability of the human psyche. You will be taken on a mysterious and kinesthetic voyage to what might be a very tangible place on earth or the most hidden site within the mind. The film explores concepts of darkness and light, hope and fear, to portray the human condition in all its complexity, vulnerability, and force. Join the female protagonist as she embarks on a journey from dark underwater depths to the clouds above the vast lakes in wild Scandinavian nature.