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Duration, Landscape Road, 2012
Duration, Landscape Rocks, 2011
Distance –Landscape, Football Field, 2011

The view building the landscape from the necessary distance. The delimitation of its borders in opposition to the total continuum of nature. The observer immersed in the path of his gaze across landscape.
We focus on the human figure and, as we move away from them, they start to disappear, diluted in space. Parts that are integrated into the whole of landscape. The remoteness as disappearance. The human figure reveals here negligible small in the vastness of the territory.

Into Earth’s Vibration, 2011
Into Water’s Vibration, 2012
Mountain in shadow, 2012

“The evaporation or the centralization of the self. Everything is there.” —Charles Baudelaire

A sensorial approach to landscape In the deep contemplation of landscape the senses are altered. We feel a sublimation experience where the mental image of landscape undergoes a metamorphosis. The actual space is distorted, time flows in a different way: it stops in our consciousness. It is the connection at the “full instant”, the idea of “durèe” of Henri Bergson, where the intensity of the experience makes the image of landscape expands.