Dance on Camera Festival Best of Fest 2020 Selection

Uprooted is a feature-length tribute to the history, lineage, and future progressions of jazz dance. With a stellar cast of leading industry experts, award-winning choreographers, and legendary performers, Khadifa Wong fashions a groundbreaking documentary, reaching back to the roots of the form in Africa and following its evolution through every single decade and genre. Exploring and commenting on political and social influences, the film is an honest conversation about jazz dance, addressing topics such as appropriation, racism, socialism, and sexism. Uprooted is a story of triumph over adversity, oppression, and privilege—as well as a celebration, because ultimately, what all people have in common is rhythm and a basic human need to get down. With special appearances by Debbie Allen, George Faison, Chita Rivera, Camille A. Brown, and Thomas F. DeFrantz, Uprooted also showcases the works of the Nicholas Brothers, Pepsi Bethel, Jack Cole, Katherine Dunham, Bob Fosse, and Gene Kelly.