Danae Elon began filming her three young sons the moment she and her partner Philip chose to leave New York City and return to Jerusalem. The decision was prompted by the death of her father, leading Israeli intellectual and writer Amos Elon, whose dying wish was that Danae never go back. But her attachment to the place proves stronger, and on the journey there, Danae’s camera captures her boys growing up, asking endless questions and confronting the reality around them, while the place she once called “home” challenges her relationship with Philip and the future of her children. Through the prism of parenthood, P.S. Jerusalem exposes a complex and painful portrait of Jerusalem today.

“It’s a great film. It makes a compelling point about the difficulties of finding one’s place, identity, co-existence, and how fractured Jerusalem is. The coverage of settlements, home demolitions and confiscations, and ethnic displacement sends a strong message and highlights human-rights violations.” – Sari Bashi, Israel/Palestine director, Middle East and North Africa Division

Q&A with Danae Elon and Gali Gold, curator, Barbican Cinema London