With special guest, writer and director Su Chao-pin.

A hyper-romantic martial arts film that gives Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon a run for its money, Reign of Assassins was a huge hit across Asia. Pairing screen legend, Michelle Yeoh (Tomorrow Never Dies, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) with Korea’s much-loved, Jung Woo-Sung, and co-directed by John Woo (Red Cliff, Face/Off) it’s crammed with so much talent it’s practically erupting. Yeoh plays a swordswoman who goes into retirement and settles down with the ordinary joe she loves. Unfortunately, her past comes back to haunt her, as assassins from her former guild find where she’s living and come after her with whips, acupuncture needles and lethal swords swinging. In this movie, every vicious swordsman leads a domestic double life, past sins dog their fleet feet and the shriek of sharp steel being drawn from its scabbard is the soundtrack of their lives. Enjoy the action, but stay for the emotions: Reign of Assassins is a martial arts movie with a heavy human heart.