Note: Filmmaker Rob Stewart will no longer be in person at this screening. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Filmmaker and environmental activist Rob Stewart was on the festival circuit with his documentary Sharkwater when he realized his work was not done. Inspired by a question at a Q&A, he began to delve into the major environmental crisis we face today, essentially going from the bottom (of the ocean) up.

Stewart met with and interviewed world experts who helped to shed light on the many issues we, as a planet, must confront in order to save ourselves. Revolution demonstrates how past events may have already taught us much of what we need to know to save the planet. In the process, Stewart takes the audience on a global adventure, crafting a documentary rich in action and drama, as he participates in environmental petitions and protests around the world.

Among the most inspiring of Stewart’s subjects are children who have the audacity and courage to speak truth to power at international climate change conventions. They are fighting for their own future and, through them, Revolution urges the audience to fight for it too.