New York Premiere!

Director Mary Jane Doherty and subject Mayara Piñeiro in person!

Why are so many world-class ballet companies relying on Cuban dancers? What is special about their training in a society that offers rare opportunities but with with strings attached?  With curiosity and admirable patience, Mary Jo Doherty follows one high school class for three years through Cuba's famous National Ballet School, focusing principally on two teenagers: Mayara, shy but accomplished, and Gabriele, the equally talented extrovert. The quietly riveting film offers a privileged in-depth look at the training and home life of these students, culminating in a dramatic crisis when one dancer decides to take charge of her destiny.

Screening with:

Tizzy. Ysaye McKeever, USA, 2013; 3m
A playful duet between a man and dodge ball, inspired by the form of a 12-bar blues.