New York Premiere

Yeo Joon Han and Peter Davis will attend the screening.

A musical about money, creativity and a reality show focusing on those who are about to die, featuring an arts show host and a product designer that work for a multinational conglomerate with a directive to be “original”. Locked away in distributor hell for the last three years, shelved by the faceless money men behind it, not even available on DVD, we are proud to help spring from movie jail the world’s most awesome sing-along, corporate culture satire and all-out musical attack on capitalism from Malaysia. If you’ve ever worked in a cubicle on the 33rd floor of some faceless monolithic corporation, if you’ve ever had to swallow your principles to get a promotion at a job you don’t actually care about, if your bosses have ever taken you to an exorcist to remove the creative part of your personality because it’s getting in the way of your work, then Yeo Joon Han’s Sell Out is for you.