U.S. Premiere! Filmmaker in person for Q&A at July 14 screening!

The camera follows Alejandra, a young middle class woman from Bogotá, in her daily routines—as she puts on makeup, gets ready to go out, parties with friends, goes out with boys, walks home—capturing both her moments alone and her interactions with the world. The camera stays close enough to Alejandra to make us feel immersed in her world, yet keeps just enough distance to preserve a sense of her mystery. In her exploration of a young woman’s universe, Rodriguez claims that she wanted “to know how women are negotiating expectations of themselves and each other, of their families and friends and the men they meet.” Though conceptually and formally simple—the film has few scenes and each is resolved with just a few shots—hers is a daring, new kind of (minimalist) filmmaking that breaks ground not only in Colombia but in the rest of Latin America as well.