Miriam Yeung will be presented with a Star Asia Award.

Hollywood has pretty much given up on making romantic comedies, which means we have to import them from Asia. And that’s okay, because Asia has perfected them—a case in point being She Remembers, He Forgets, a precision-calibrated, laser-guided, weapons-grade weepie about young love, faltering relationships, and people trying to remember who they were back when they thought that kissing the right boy could lead to a better tomorrow. Miriam Yeung (recipient of our Star Asia Award) plays Gigi, a middle-aged travel agent married to Shing-Wah (Hong Kong fave and former festival guest Jan Lam). Their marriage is on the rocks, and no matter how hard they try it just keeps getting worse. Cut to: flashbacks to their high school days in sunny, 1990s Hong Kong when there was a third point to their love triangle, Bok-Man. Running parallel to Gigi’s present-day story, of a woman who thought she wedded the prince but might have wound up with the frog, is the tale of her, her future husband, and his challenger for her affections, and what really happened to the trio on Ying Yan College Open Day. A movie for anyone who’s ever been in love, married, or disappointed, She Remembers, He Forgets demonstrates what a romantic comedy can be when it’s handled by professionals. Presented with the support of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in New York.