Abdenour Zahzah, 2010, Algeria, HDCAM; 24m

Mokhtar is a travelling puppeteer encountering on one trip the personifications of his country’s problems.

Samir’s Room
Osama Qashoo | 2011 | UK/Palestine | HDCAM | 15m

Samir finds a way to regain entry into his childhood bedroom, now occupied by Israeli settlers.

The Masseur/Attaieb
Anouar Lahouar | 2011 | Tunisia | Digibeta | 24m

A masseur used to bathing the living is called upon to prepare a corpse for burial when no undertaker is available.

Cheers to You/Noş
Soleen Yusef | 2011 | Germany | HDCAM | 21m

A young German-Kurdish couple come to terms with their arranged marriage.

Fatin Drives Me Crazy
Mohammed Sendi | Saudi Arabia | 20m

Newlywed Fatin loves her husband, but she needs to get to the grocery store.