Bench Seat
Anna Mastro | USA | 2011 | 19m
A classic love story with a musical twist choreographed by Chris Judd and written by Neil LaBute, this film catches a young couple on the verge of either moving forward or breaking up. While the girl envisions a happy future with her boyfriend, he imagines quite the reverse.

Come Sit Stay
Jody Oberfelder | USA | 2010 | 7m
A man confuses his girlfriend with a dog, expecting loyalty and obedience. Playfulness turns to violence and fantasy, leaving questions as to who is man’s best friend.

Fanfare for Marching Band
Danielle Wilmouth | USA | 2011 | 15m
Saturated colors, exuberant music, and ecstatic choreography fail to engage an immobilized public. The efforts of this ragtag musical militia fall on deaf ears until…..

 Play House | Ruben van Leer
Netherlands | 2011 | 3m
The song is a shout-out for emancipation, with an experimental video created with a fusion of pop-culture, dance and technology.

Spring Cleaning
Pooh Kaye
 | USA | 2011 | 8m

Choreographer and film-maker, Pooh Kaye’s alter-ego ‘Wild Girl’, performed by Alex Clack, has a busy day weeding the dandelions, digging in the earth and swimming with the local beavers.