Max von Sydow stars in this giallo whodunit, one of a handful of Argento-helmed mysteries set and filmed in Turin. Von Sydow plays Ulisse Moretti, a retired cop who, years earlier, was tasked with solving a bizarre series of killings known as “The Dwarf Murders.” The details of that case slowly return to Moretti after he teams up with Officer Giacomo Gallo (Stefano Dionisi), whose mother was brutally murdered with a clarinet in the same fateful year. Originally titled Non ho sonno (“I Can’t Sleep”), a nod to the half-forgotten nursery rhyme that triggers the murderer’s compulsive behavior, the film takes inspiration from classic mysteries—particularly of detectives Hercule Poirot, Ellery Queen, and Nero Wolfe—and from consultations with contemporary giallo author Carlo Lucarelli that shaped the movie’s police-procedural sequences. 4K digital restoration by Cinecittà.