Sound + Vision Live explores the connections between music and film through a series of intimate concerts featuring live music and original video work.

Ben Seretan plays the guitar, sings, and makes long music. He also works in video. Above a floor covered in delay pedals, his guitar tones swell and multiply into enormous icebergs of sound that melt to reveal the beating hearts of love songs at their core. Ben will accompany digitized selections from his family’s 8mm home movie archive, prominently featuring images of Hawaii in the 1950s. His self-titled, self-released double LP Ben Seretan was released in October 2014 and can be streamed here. And one of Ben’s previous video works, Double Alaska (2013), can be seen here.

Middle Grey is an electronic music collaboration between composers Anastasia Clarke and Jackson Randall. Together they effortlessly blend bucolic choral soundscapes, analog and digital synthesis, and noisy grit, like two sorcerers diligently tossing arcana into their cauldron. You can listen to their music on SoundCloud. Video artist Ginny Benson will provide live VHS tape manipulations for this performance of their ongoing composition, “Hieros Gamos / Holy Wedding.”

Ginny Benson uses analogue and thrift technology to create improvisational video works. She is one third of the audio/visual experiment Brat Pit. For this performance she will live mix from various VHS and live camera sources to generate a real time video collage.