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Cementing the promise Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead showed with 2012’s Resolution, Spring is a bona fide original that invests its supernatural horrors with a genuinely romantic undertow. After his mother dies and he loses his job, Evan (Lou Taylor Pucci) impulsively jumps on the next flight to Europe to run away from his problems. He meets three British lads and travels with them to an Italian coastal village, and in this idyllic setting he is soon drawn to the charming and elusive Louise (Nadiar Hiker). Staying on after the Brits decamp, he waits every night to meet up with this woman and before long they are falling in love—but little does he know that she harbors a terrifying secret. Louise suffers from a mysterious affliction that causes her body to mutate and drives her to feed off whoever crosses her path. You may think you know what’s coming next, but what follows defies standard genre categories and, in the name of love, brings Evan face to face with monstrous primordial forces rooted in a realm that’s nothing short of mythic. A Drafthouse Films release.