Q&A with Kwon Soo-kyung

All proceeds from Stellar: A Magical Ride will be donated to the American Cancer Society, and ticket holders will receive an NYAFF Cancer Awareness Pin Ribbon.

Young Bae is an average high-end automobile broker, working on the deal of a lifetime: an imported supercar. All hell breaks loose when his best friend inexplicably steals the lucrative vehicle, setting a gang of ruthless loan sharks in hot pursuit. Young Bae’s only option is to go on the run in his recently departed father’s prize possession, a comically decrepit jalopy named Stellar. The journey forces him to reconcile with the past and overcome misgivings about fatherhood. With spot-on 1980s nostalgia and Heo Sung-tae from Squid Game chewing scenery as the baddies’ leader, this extreme comedy of errors (penned by Extreme Job screenwriter Bae Se-young) more than earns its tears and laughter—and all at Mach speed.

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