Director Jackie Paré in person!

For decades, tap was a hugely popular performance dance form. But is it in crisis? This film tells the story of a genre through the prism of Derick Grant, an African American choreographer struggling to bring his hip, rousing show to Broadway. Mentored by the genre's giants, Grant says tap has given him a voice. Indeed, his feet have something to say. A gallery of talented tappers raise their voices and make their moves, expressing their love for a dance form that may be in need of re-invention through role models and community support. Footage of legendary tappers—Bill Robinson, Honi Coles, Gregory Hines and more—adds pizzazz and interviews with hoofers and experts illuminate.

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Tap Tap Tap. Kenneth Sherman, Canada, 2013; 8m
A dance parody of the infamous Republican Senator Larry Craig's airport washroom sex scandal styled as a 1930's Busby Berkeley film.