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The story begins in the mind of Cashril Plus, a twelve-year-old animator and son of graffiti artist Faith47. Through Cashril's eyes, we see his mother paint the streets and forgotten townships haloing Cape Town. The Creators then weaves us through the lives of Faith47 and fellow artists Warongx (afro-blues), Emile (hip hop), Sweat.X (glam rap), Blaq Pearl (spoken word) and Mthetho (opera). Born in separate areas of a formerly-segregated South Africa, these artists recraft history–and the impacts of apartheid–in their own artistic languages. Director Laura Gamse’s camera reveals the impulse behind the artists’ social consciousness, their individual eccentricities, and each creator’s unique form of expression. Diving into the current of subversive art which fuels South Africa’s many clashing and merging cultures, The Creators brings into focus the invisible connections among strangers' disparate lives–and the creative expression used to traverse the divide. The result is an intimate, refreshing and deeply revealing portrait of those remolding the legacy of apartheid. Co-presented by Margaret Mead Film Festival.

Screening with:
Stocktown X: South Africa
Teddy Goitom and Benjamin Taft | 2011 | Sweden/South Africa/Ethiopia | 30m

An inspiring and surprising adventure that will give you a new perspective of Africa. This film takes us on a road trip across South Africa, capturing the contemporary creative generation of this vivid and pulsating culture.