Q&A with Daniel Scheinert, Michael Abbott Jr., Andre Hyland, Roy Wood Jr., and Ashley Connor on Feb. 5

Between Swiss Army Man and Everything Everywhere All at Once, native Alabamian Scheinert stepped aside to direct this darkly funny thriller set in the Deep South. From a screenplay by Billy Chew, The Death of Dick Long kicks off as a police procedural surrounding the mysterious passing of its titular character (Scheinert) and escalates into harebrained folly as his dim-witted friends and bandmates, Zeke and Earl (Michael Abbott, Jr. and Andre Hyland), incompetently cover up their roles in their late pal’s disappearance. To tell more would ruin the perverse twist of this richly textured, Coen-esque portrait of small-town secrecy and middling garage rock, which doesn’t mock its characters so much as behold them with arm’s-length sympathy. An A24 release. 

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