Q&A with Kim Hye-yoon and Park Ri-woong. Kim Hye-yoon will receive the Screen International Rising Star Asia Award.

The other girl with the dragon tattoo is Korean, and her name is Kim Hye-yoon—here she delivers a breathtaking, star-making turn as the eponymous girl who takes no guff from anyone. When her dad falls into a coma and slick manipulators attempt to take over the family restaurant, she has to grow up fast. In her tenacious search for answers—interrupted by a prison stay and mandated training on heavy equipment—she must face off against an ever-expanding horde of corrupt forces. A terrifically entertaining, committed coming-of-age thriller, the film unleashes a barrage of societal critiques, but never loses sight of its rebellious heroine and her dogged crusade for truth and justice. 

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