Q&A with Emilie Carpentier on March 10

As Emilie Carpentier’s debut feature The Horizon begins, 18-year-old Adja (Tracy Gotoas) is disconnected from her community—indifferent to climate change and mocking the efforts of activists to oppose construction of a new mixed-use facility. But when she grows closer to classmate Arthur (Sylvain Le Gall)—an earnest activist and fellow intern at a nursing home—Adja begins to find a sense of purpose in political engagement, drifting away from her shallow group of friends. At The Horizon’s center is an in-depth immersion in the routines, self-constructed communities, and urgent day-to-day efforts of an organically diverse coalition of young activists. Harnessing flawless performances from her young leads, Carpentier plunges viewers into the midst of a new generation of activists’ coming of age.