Q&A with Thais Fujinaga, Thiago Macêdo Correia and Lara Lima

During a suffocating summer, the very pregnant Paula heads off to a remote beach house with her two children and mother. Paula means to install a large pool on the property, but after the huge ditch is dug there’s no money left to finish the project. Crises both economic and marital loom. In this debut feature, produced by acclaimed Brazilian production collective Filmes de Plástico, Thais Fujinaga portrays the routines of a middle-class family, full of broken promise, in search of escape and happiness.

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Dear Chantal / Querida Chantal
Nicolás Pereda, 2021, Mexico/Spain, 5m
Spanish with English subtitles
U.S. Premiere
Some unanswered letters, an apartment for rent in the Mexico City neighborhood of Coyoacán, a painting that doesn’t quite find its place, and reflections on cinema and life. The latest film from NYFF alum Nicolas Péreda is a moving tribute to filmmaker Chantal Akerman.