Lee Chung’s poppy feature debut throws the horror-comedy and the action film into a blender and creates a fun-filled cocktail fueled by manic energy, actors playing against type, and absolutely stunning imagery. Joseph Chang stars as the laundryman, a nameless hit man who kills people at the orders of A-gu (Sui Tang) and brings the bodies back to A-gu’s laundromat at night for processing. Plagued by the ghosts of his victims, he seeks help from Lin (Wan Qian), a cynical psychic who becomes a vessel to air their grievances and desire for revenge. Hot on his trail is Yang (Yeo Yann Yann), a police detective determined to stop the tide of violence left in his wake. Blackly funny, and with some amazing cinematography and crazy fight choreography, The Laundryman is a fun and viscerally entertaining ride. Presented with the support of the Taipei Cultural Center of TECO in New York.