Free and open to the public!

Panelists: Navid Khonsari (Ink Stories), Dave Gilbert (Wadjet Eye Games), moderator Matthew Weise (Fantasia: Music Evolved, Transcendence: Origins)

One need only look at the record-breaking sales of Grand Theft Auto V or the devoted fandom swirling around Bethesda’s “Fallout” and “Elder Scrolls” franchises to see proof that video games have gone mainstream like never before. Yet for all the attention these major releases receive, we are witnessing an equally impressive new wave of independent game titles. These games combine incredible design and compelling storytelling to bring new life to the form. Could we be living in an era that will see the roll out of games that will do what Easy Rider or Reservoir Dogs did to the film industry? Our panel of designers, developers, and critics will discuss the state of the art and explore some of the parallels between the two worlds of film and games.