Introduction by Aurélien Recoing on March 4

Berlinale 2023 – Winner of Silver Bear for Best Director

Examining family history and turmoil has fueled much of the greatest work of Philippe Garrel (Regular LoversThe Salt of Tears), whose new film pays tribute to his late father (and regular cast member) Maurice’s background as a puppeteer. Simon (Aurélien Recoing), the head of a puppet troupe, works alongside his children, all played by Philippe’s actual children: son Louis (Louis Garrel) and daughters Martha (Esther Garrel) and Lena (Lena Garrel, making an auspicious first appearance in the Garrel family filmography). Feeling the strain of aging, Simon invites temporary assistant Peter (Damien Mongin) to join the troupe permanently—a responsibility that becomes fraught when Simon dies shortly thereafter. A rare film in color from Garrel, The Plough reaffirms his status as one of the great contemporary directors of actors, drawing on impeccably naturalistic performances while delving fearlessly into the tense dynamics of familial bonds and romantic ties.