A delightful directorial debut by actress Valérie Donzelli, The Queen of Hearts stars Donzelli herself as Adele, a hopeless Parisian romantic whose life comes undone after her boyfriend dumps her. Taking refuge in the apartment of her distant cousin (the very funny Beatrice de Stael), Adele soon finds herself juggling the affections of three potential suitors: nice-guy Pierre (whom she regards only as a friend), note-writing mystery man Paul, and her married employer Jacques. In a playful conceit, all three are played by the same actor, the chameleonic Jérémie Elkaïm, adding to the film’s freewheeling sense of low-budget invention. (Occasionally, Adele even breaks into song.) Eventually, Adele follows her heart all the way to New York, where she discovers that love is sometimes found when and where you least expect it.