A complex, dark romance, and a heart-racing police procedural, The Tooth and the Nail starts like a classic Hollywood film: two lost souls find each other only for their secrets to tragically force them apart. It’s 1948 in Korea and after a long period of colonial rule, the country is finally free. But the Liberation has also brought chaos and uncertainty. Seok-jin, a nightclub magician, comes across a mysterious beauty, Ha-yeon, who is seeking help and employment. The young man is happy to oblige the damsel in distress and gives her work as an assistant in his show. Soon, they fall for each other. But a shadow looms over their idyll: Seok-jin finds copper plates designed to produce counterfeit money hidden in her baggage. Ha-yeon, it turns out, may hide even darker secrets.

Presented with the support of Korean Cultural Center New York