North American Premiere

Q&A with Yim Soon-rye

One of Korea’s few female directors,Yim Soon-rye turns in the All The President’s Men of biotechnology with The Whistleblower, a powerhouse thriller based on the true story of one of the biggest scientific frauds of the 21st century. Dr. Lee is a thoughtful scientist whose pioneering work with cloned stem cells is spurring talk of the Nobel Prize. He is also a monster who has faked his research, and when a TV producer gets involved, The Whistle Blower becomes a white-knuckle thriller in which secret phone calls, boardroom confrontations, DNA analysis, and conversations that contain double, and sometimes triple, meanings are assembled into a high-performance engine designed to flood your brain with outrage. Not since Michael Mann’s The Insider has the world of corporate medical research seemed so out of control, so bleak, and so deadly.

Presented with the support of Korean Cultural Service New York. Co-presented with The Korea Society.