Robin Hardy’s brilliant folk horror classic follows a devoutly Christian policeman, Howie (Edward Woodward), who travels to a remote Scottish island to investigate a lead on a missing girl. The island’s pagan inhabitants, whose bizarre rituals and allegiance to their leader, Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee, who appeared in the movie for free), lead the increasingly offended Howie down a rabbit hole—and into one of the most terrifying climactic sequences in horror film history. Approved by director Robin Hardy, this is a 4K restoration of the most complete version of The Wicker Man.

“I love the feeling of ‘Where is this going?’—until it becomes ‘Where is he going?’ And finally, ‘Where are they takin’…?!’ We wanted some of that in Bacurau. Tricky thing, of course, was to avoid the ‘strange, evil blonde community’ vibe for Bacurau. The Wicker Man is a great film.” —Kleber Mendonça Filho

The Wicker Man was a seminal influence on Bacurau because it built this completely surprising and offbeat human environment very naturally. An outsider who arrives in a small village needs to immediately understand that there is no such thing as ‘simple people.’ Your morals and beliefs will probably only apply to you.” —Juliano Dornelles