New York Premiere!

Director Michal Aviad in person for Q&A!

A hundred years ago, women pioneers emigrated from Europe to Palestine to realize the dream of creating a new, independent woman. Some of these remarkable women wrote diaries, letters and other texts which tell their stories in the most direct and intimate manner. Michal Aviad brings their stories to vivid life, weaving their compelling words with fascinating archival footage. These dramatic vignettes run the gamut from love affairs to ideological discussions on division of labor, from birth and death of individuals to the belief in building a new society.

Screening with:

I Think This Is the Closest to How the Footage Looked | Yuval Hameiri & Michal Vaknin | Israel | 2013 | 9m
Filmmaking and life intersect around the problem of lost footage. A husband records his dying wife. A grieving son loses the tape. The lost sequence is recreated using simple objects to great effect, ultimately pointing to the truly irreplaceable. New York Premiere!