New York Premiere

Na Hong-Jin will attend the screening.

In 2008, Na Hong-Jin and actors Ha Jung-Woo and Kim Yun-Seok set Korean cinema on fire with The Chaser (also screening at this year’s festival). Their low budget movie about a pimp looking for a serial killer became a massive word-of-mouth hit and shot 50,000 watts of high voltage current through the Korean film industry. Now, with a bigger budget from 20th Century Fox, director Ha and his two actors reunite to unleash this sprawling hitman epic written in bruised knuckles and broken teeth that was a selection of Un Certain Regard at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The Yellow Sea is a big, relentless movie about a gambling addicted cabbie set up by a crime boss to take a big fall in Seoul. However, he turns out to have a talent for survival.

Part of The Sea of Revenge Focus.

The film is a 20th Century Fox release.