Producer Gregorio Gonzalez in person to introduce the film!

Twelve-year-old Lucia and her younger brother take off on a family vacation. The tightly packed car they share with their parents only heightens their capacity to understand subtle shifts in the family dynamic that seem to become more and more evident as their journey progresses. The imposing desolate landscapes and elements of nature they traverse are full of pure childhood happiness but will also become a rite of passage, quietly and deeply life-altering.

Lucía y su hermano menor parten de vacaciones con sus padres en un auto repleto. La cercanía física que comparten durante el recorrido les permite entender algunos cambios que empiezan a ocurrir en la dinámica familiar. La travesía por paisajes desoladores, sumergidos en la naturaleza, les permitiráá disfrutar momentos de pura alegría infantil pero también marcaran un cambio profundo en sus vidas.