Some of Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner’s most significant collaborations were conceived for the small screen. As part of Film at Lincoln Center’s survey, Tomlin and Wagner have handpicked an expansive selection of their works for television, which will be on view in the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center Amphitheater throughout the course of the series and free to the public. The lineup includes a 1976 pilot for a magazine-style show, written by Wagner and hosted by Tomlin; cartoons of Tomlin’s iconic character Edith Ann; specials like Lily; Appearing Nitely; Lily: Sold Out; and Lily for President?; and a number of the duo’s favorite vignettes.

Program schedule:

Thurs. 9/12 – 4:30-10:00pm (5 programs, running 5.5 hours)
Fri. 9/13 – 4:30-10:00pm (5 programs, running 5.5 hours)
Sat. 9/14 – 12:30-10:00pm (8 programs, running 9.5 hours)
Mon. 9/16 – 12:30-10:00pm (8 programs, running 9.5 hours)