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Apatow’s latest­—his first time directing another writer’s script and his first film set on the East Coast—finds him returning to some of his key themes with his reliable blend of hilarious raunch and heartfelt insight. The acclaimed stand-up comic and eponymous star of the sketch-comedy series Inside Amy Schumer plays the titular mess, taught by her father (Colin Quinn) to eschew relationships and cherish her freedom. Now she’s an intimacy-averse adult, writing for Maxim-like S’nuff Magazine and flitting between one-night stands to the exasperation of her sister (Brie Larson). But when she’s assigned to profile Aaron (Bill Hader), who performs reconstructive surgery on pro athletes, she faces the frightening possibility of long-term commitment. Schumer’s feature-starring and screenwriting debut marks an exciting addition to the greater Apatow oeuvre, a work as funny and charming as it is committed to thoughtfully examining the fabric of adulthood. Repeat collaborator Hader is joined by many new faces, including Tilda Swinton, centenarian Hitchcock vet Norman Lloyd, and LeBron James in a deft comic turn as himself. A Universal Pictures release.