Don’t miss this extraordinary selection of newsreels and other rare documentary material discovered in the vault’s of Russia’s national film archives. Presented by Russian filmmaker Alexander Markov.

Daily Newsreel No. 37 (1954, 1m)
The streets of Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa. White and black people on the streets, public transportation. Tablets: “Whites Only.” Black people’s quarter.

Foreign Newsreel No. 7 (1968, 2m)
The United States: Funeral of Nobel laureate, priest, fighter for the rights of Black people in the U.S. Dr. Martin Luther King.
South Africa: South African surgeon, cardiologist Christian Bernard is on a city street, near the hospital where the operation was carried out on a heart transplant.

Foreign Newsreel No. 15 (1976, 3m)
Opposition to apartheid in Johannesburg (South Africa), clashes with police.

The Birth of the Republic (1963, 30m)
Algeria: Rebel troops are fighting with the French colonial army for the liberation of Algeria. March 18, 1962, city of Evian: signing of agreement between the Provisional Government of the Republic of Algeria and the French government for a ceasefire and a referendum. French troops on ships leaving Algeria. Ruined houses, closed shops. Unemployed people in the streets of Algiers. Panorama of the refugee camps. Refugees return to their homes. People move into new apartments, abandoned by the French. Soviet ships loaded with food arrive in the port of Algiers. Demonstrations, rallies in the streets. The people welcome the National Liberation Army fighters. Nuclear weapons tests in the Sahara desert.

The program will also include a compilation trailer of additional African material from this vast archive, prepared and presented by Mr. Markov.