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This long unseen masterpiece from György Fehér, loosely based on Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s 1958 crime novella The Pledge, follows a seasoned homicide detective whose careening obsession with catching a child serial killer compels him to use a young girl as bait. Captured with spellbinding, protracted tracking shots and ashen black-and-white tones by DP Miklós Gurbán (Werckmeister Harmonies), this nightmarish noir conjures a spectral world swayed by madness and senseless destruction. The first of only two theatrical features directed by Fehér, a regular collaborator with Béla Tarr (a consultant on this film), Twilight premiered at the Locarno Film Festival in 1990, where it won the Bronze Leopard for Gurbán’s camerawork. An Arbelos release.

New 4K restoration by the National Film Institute – Hungary Film Archive & FilmLab. Digital grading supervised by Miklós Gurbán (Director of Photography).