The Romantic Englishwoman
Joseph Losey | UK | 1975 | 35mm | 116m

Tom Stoppard wrote this ambiguous melodrama in which a discontented wife (Glenda Jackson) has a fling with a poet (Helmut Berger) on a trip to Germany while, back home, her novelist husband (Michael Caine) works on a screenplay that echoes what’s going on behind his back. Then her lover turns up at the couple’s house… Also featuring Kate Nelligan, Michel Lonsdale, and Béatrice Romand.

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Modesty Blaise
Joseph Losey | UK | 1966 | 35mm | 119m

Monica Vitti is at her most delicious as the titular British secret agent, who, with her cockney sidekick (Terence Stamp), sets out to foil a diamond-theft scheme hatched by a flaming criminal mastermind (Dirk Bogarde)—but the mission is a setup… An outrageous comic-book romp, packed with pop-art visuals and way-out conceits, plus Harry Andrews and Tina Aumont. Camp classic or ironic self-referential parody? You decide.