Introduction by Dennis Cooper and Zac Farley

Deep in the middle of a forest, a family ekes out a primitive existence, until one day a mysterious stranger arrives. What ensues in Grandrieux’s fable-like tale is captured with handheld camerawork counterbalanced by heady, blurry, desaturated landscape photography evoking Gerhard Richter and Casper David Friedrich. Reportedly, at one screening of the film, Grandrieux sought to block out the glow from the exit signs to achieve the requisite darkness.

Dennis Cooper & Zac Farley: “We’re very taken by how Philippe Grandrieux’s Un lac gives events their space without judgment, leaving them wholly experiential and allowing their meaning to be both ultra-available and indeterminate. His film may manifest these shared interests more lushly than ours, but we like to think they are spookily close friends.”

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