We’re delighted to welcome the wonderful Carole Bouquet for this special screening of her new film, directed by André Téchiné (My Favorite Season, Wild Reeds) and based on a novel by Philippe Djian (Betty Blue). Deciding that a change of scenery would be good for his wriiter’s block, mystery novelist Francis (André Dussolier) heads for Venice, where he meets Judith (Bouquet), an expatriate real estate agent. While looking at a beautiful property on Sant’Erasmo, Francis tells Judith that he’ll rent it immediately—if she agrees to move in with him. Cut to a year later: the couple seem to have cosily settled in, but suspecting that Judith is having an affair, Francis hires a detective to follow her. As so often in Téchiné’s films, the characters are caught in a struggle between their intellects and their feelings: these bright, worldly people are frequently shocked at the places to which their emotions lead them—yet still they plow ahead. In person: Carole Bouquet.