Q&A with Éric Baudelaire

Inspired by a set of improvisations by the American composer and sound artist Alvin Curran, Éric Baudelaire’s triptych of stories reconstructs the volatile period of radical struggle in the 1960s and 1970s in Italy and the United States. From accounts of the violent streets of Rome during Italy’s Years of Lead to Antonioni’s images of the California Desert to Curran’s own recollections of his life and career in Italy beginning in the mid-1960s, the film collages archival fragments, found images, and Curran’s own Super 8 footage to situate the artist’s process amid the chaos of history as an act of radical struggle.

Screening with:
Abrir Monte
Maria Rojas Arias, Colombia/Portugal, 2021, 26m
Maria Rojas Arias’s film combines archival footage and personal recollections to revisit the small town in the northwest of Colombia where her grandmother was born and raised, and which was the site of a day-long attempted revolution carried out by a group of shoemakers known as Los Bolcheviques del Líbano Tolim.

Travel support generously provided by Villa Albertine and the Embassy of France in the United States:

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