Please note: These screenings have been rescheduled for April 19.

6:30 Woman on the Beach (127m)
After creatively blocked filmmaker Jung-rae (Kim Seung-woo) convinces his friend to join him on a brief holiday to finish a script, he begins an affair with the friend’s girlfriend, Mun-suk (Go Hyun-jung). As is customary in Hong’s doubled-narrative structures, the film’s second half inverts this triangle when Jung-rae returns to the beach and meets Sun-hee (Song Seon-mi), a woman who resembles Mun-suk. Woman on the Beach revisits the kind of listless coastal resort town that supplied the setting for The Power of Kangwon Province, but this time during its wintry off-season, as Hong deftly captures the subtle layers of monotony, humor, and sadness that connect Jung-rae’s two trips. An NYFF44 selection. 

9:00 Nobody’s Daughter Haewon (90m)
In Hong’s 14th feature, a chamber piece at once eloquently simple and deceptively complex, a young film student named Haewon (Jeong Eun-chae) finds herself at loose ends when her mother moves to Canada. She clings to her married lover, a filmmaker/professor (Lee Sun-kyun), and is bowled over by the insights of another professor (Kim Eui-seong) visiting from San Diego. Meanwhile, she struggles to find her own way and her own identity as we all do when we’re young: a little bit at a time, encounter by encounter, experience by experience, in reality and in dreams.