The new restoration of Woman on the Beach opens exclusively in our Virtual Cinema on Friday, June 19!

We are pleased to offer our Film at Lincoln Center audience the chance to see the new restoration of Hong Sangsoo’s Woman on the Beach, in partnership with Grasshopper FilmYour screening rental will support FLC, and help us in our mission to remain a vibrant center for cinema culture once this turbulent period is behind us. This offer is for a limited time only.

Price: $12 (50% of proceeds support Film at Lincoln Center)

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After a creatively blocked filmmaker Jung-rae (Seung-woo Kim) convinces his friend to join him on a brief holiday to finish a script, he begins an affair with the friend’s girlfriend, Mun-suk (Hyun-jung Go). Customary in Hong’s doubled-narrative structures, the film’s second half inverts this triangle when Jung-rae returns to the beach and meets Sun-hee (Seon-mi Song), a woman who resembles Mun-suk. Woman on the Beach revisits the kind of listless coastal resort town of The Power of Kangwon Province, but now during their wintry offseason, where Hong deftly captures the subtle layers of monotony, humor and sadness that connect Jung-rae’s two trips. An NYFF44 selection. A Grasshopper Film release. 

Exclusive offer for a week only starting June 12, Grasshopper will offer 50% off their rental or purchase of Right Now, Wrong Then (2015) on selected platforms.

Additionally, Cinema Guild is making the following Hong Sangsoo titles available to rent on their channel at a discounted price: Grass (2019) $1.99, Hotel by the River (2019) $1.99, The Day After (2018) $0.99, Claire’s Camera (2017) $0.99, On the Beach at Night Alone (2017) $0.99, The Day He Arrives (2011) $0.99.