U.S. Premiere! Director Zuzanna Solakiewicz in person at both screenings!

In the ruined cemetery in Gorlice in Southern Poland, Meir Moszkowicz has come annually for the last 30 years from his home in Israel to visit the grave of the Tzaddik (righteous man), forgotten years ago by the world. Meir has no family connection to Gorlice—his ancestors are from Hungary and Romania—but his long yearly journey to care for the graves and work on restoring the cemetery reveals transcendent faith, love, and joy.

Screening with:
New York Premiere!
55 Socks
Co Hoedeman | 2011 | Canada/The Netherlands | 9m

A film of rare beauty from Oscar-winning director Co Hoedeman, 55 Socks is an animated short based on a poem by Marie Jacobs that pays tribute to the ingenuity of the Dutch people during a dark period of their history: the Hunger Winter of 1944-45.